Cleanings & Prevention

Prevention is better than cure! 

Our vision of

                “Keeping Your Smile Forever Young “

                                                            starts by controlling and maintaining your optimum oral health.


The prevention of gum disease, is the cornerstone of maintaining optimum oral health. Because gum disease can not be cured!

Depending on patient’s pain tolerance, Unlike, tooth decay which in late stages may have some signs and symptoms such as pain and discomfort, gum disease   has no pain.

Some alarming signs of gum disease are:

- Having bad breath  

- Bleeding when brushing or flossing  

-  Bad taste in the mouth

- Gaps between the teeth

- Lose teeth                                                                                                                                             

In early stages of gum disease patient may experience bleeding from the gum ( gingivitis or gum infection )at this stage patient don’t have any pain and discomfort, usually gingivitis is reversible and can be treated by closely monitoring the gum and 4-6 months regular  recall  and tooth cleaning.

If gingivitis left without treatment, infection in the gum gradually spreads to the underlaying bone which supports the tooth. (Periodontitis or infection in the bone supporting the tooth). The spread of the infection into the underlaying bone is usually not painful and patient usually don’t feel discomfort in early stages. If this infection is not diagnosed and controlled by a dentist, it spreads deeper into the bone and causes permanent bone loss around the roots of the tooth. In moderate to advance periodontitis patient will experience tooth mobility due to bone loss which was supporting the tooth and eventually in advance periodontitis patient will lose the tooth due to lack of enough bone support to keep the tooth in place. 

This is important to know that Periodontitis is a chronic disease and most of the time it CAN NOT be cured but it can be controlled by closely monitoring and regular 3-4 months deep cleaning in a dental office. In moderate to advance periodontitis sometimes it is necessary to have a periodontal surgery to do a deep debridement to remove the infected tissue surgically.


Gum disease prevention strategy,

It is important to emphasize that the prevention begins with patient’s home care.

Daily oral hygiene (brushing and flossing) and maintaining a healthy diet is the first step in prevention of gum disease which should be followed by regular 4-6 months recall and tooth cleaning (if there is no gum disease) OR 3-4 months cleaning and check up (If there is a gum infection) in a dental office. In another word preventing or controlling the gum disease is a multidisciplinary work which needs close collaboration of patient, dentist and dental hygienist.

With the preventive strategy gum disease can be disallowed from happening, and with strict treatment strategy gum disease can be controlled in the early stages to avoid spread of the diseases to deeper bone level which can cause losing teeth.


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