Full Porcelain Crowns

Translucency (the amount of the light which can pass through an object) of a restorative material in dentistry is critical, specially when restoring the front teeth. These materials need to have almost same translucency as the natural tooth to create the illusion of the natural crown which they replace.

Thanks to new modern materials like Empress, Zirconia, New porcelains which has been mimicking translucency of the natural tooth properly.

Hardness of these material, and the amount of the force which they need to bear in the mouth are important factors to be considered when having a porcelain crown to prevent porcelain fracture or chip.

When there is a need to cover the whole tooth full porcelain crowns are the first choice where cosmetic is the major concern.

To be able to create a beautiful smile with full porcelain crowns patient need to be evaluated before the treatment to make sure they are a good candidate for this amazing smile makeover.

Please contact our office to schedule a smile makeover evaluation and find out what modern dentistry has, to offer you for your dream smile.  


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