Multiple Teeth Replacement

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 Treatment Options, If I have lost multiple teeth?


Bridge attached to implants  Vs  Removable partial dentures

There are only 2 options, if you have lost 3 or more teeth at the back of your mouth:

- Removable partial dentures:

A removable denture is a dental appliance made of plastic and metal to improve the chewing of a patients. It has been helping people for over 150 years. Depending on the patient’s bite force, chewing habits, age of the patient and patient’s diet and by the nature of the removable partial dentures these dentures has not been comfortable to use and has not been successful in achieving patients’ comfort and satisfaction. Aesthetically these removable dentures do not satisfy patients due to the metal hooks which is necessary to anchor the denture to the natural teeth to keep the dentures in place (  There is a treatment option available to eliminate these metal hooks with hybrid precision attachments, Please ask Dr. Rahgozar for more detail about this option at your visit). Also most of the time, if removable partial dentures are not maintained properly and regularly adjusted and checked by a dentist movement of the denture when chewing food will cause discomfort and sore spots in the mouth.

- Bridge attached to implants: 


By introducing dental implant to dentistry over 100 years ago better options to replace the chewing function of patient with missing teeth has been improved significantly. Dental implants replicates the roots of a missing tooth and when they are placed into the jaw bone by an experience dentist they can replace the function of the missing tooth up to 99%.     Depending on the several factors like patients’ age, available remaining bone in the implant site and etc. if implants are paired up they can support a fix bridge which would be the best option for replacing missing teeth versus removable partial dentures.


What is the step by step procedure to get the bridge attached to implants?

Every successful treatment starts with thorough examination, good treatment- planning and patient compliance. At first we schedule you for a complete exam and X-rays, when we have the all necessary information, Dr. Rahgozar will discuss about the treatment options. Then we schedule you in one of our dental implant surgery  facility in Downtown Vancouver or Coquitlam Implant Center to perform your implant surgery by Dr. Rahgozar who is an expert in dental implant surgery and prosthetic over the implants.( Dr. Rahgozar has been performing dental implants surgery and restoring them for over the last 20 years.) After dental implants surgery is performed, You have to wait 3-4 months for the implant to integrate (bond) with the surrounding bone. After the healing period, fabrication of the bridge starts and bridge will be installed on the implants.

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