Root Canal Treatments

All the teeth have roots which are inside the bone, inside each root there is one or two canal ,through this canal nerve and blood supply reaches the pulp of the tooth which is located in the crown portion of the tooth, which keeps the tooth alive.      

Sometimes due to deep decay, constant irritation and truma or accident nerve inside the root-canal dies and causes infection inside the pulp and canal.

Root canal treatment refers to treating the infection inside the canal, shaping the canal to get ride of the infected nerve and filling the canal with a biocompatible material (Gutta percha).

If  infection inside the canal don't get treated it will spread beyond the canal to the bone which surrounds the root and will cause sever pain and will damage the bone by creating a infectious cyst which gradually grows and damage more bone. Some times the previously incompletely treated infected canal may flair out and requires retreatment of the root canals.

The cyst which is formed around the tip of the root in some cases need to be surgically removed ( Apicoectomy) 

Above is a brief introduction to the root canal treatment.

If you are suffering from an infected nerve or having any discomfort on biting, give us a call for consultation and available treatment options.


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