Crowns and Bridges

Crown or commonly well know a cap are indirect restoration which covers the entire damaged tooth.

When remaining tooth structure is weak and there is not enough support for remaining walls of the damaged tooth, crowns are strongly recommended to cover the whole tooth and prevent from fracture or developing crack in the tooth structure which may cause to lose the tooth in the future. The other indications for restoring a tooth with a crown are:

Developing crack in the tooth structure due to accident, grinding habit, large decay, or full mouth rehabilitations when entire dentition needs to be crowned to treat the jaw joint (TMJ) problems, also when a tooth had root canal treatment it needs to be crowned to protect it from fracture.


Material which we use to fabricate crown are:

Porcelain, Zirconia, Gold and combination of gold and porcelain.


Dental Bridge


Bridge is a fix dental appliance which replace one or more teeth in a jaw. Unlike partial removable dentures which patient can remove them bridges are securely cemented to the teeth next to the missing tooth and can not be removed. Bridges are a long-lasting restoration if the expected chewing load is calculated correctly and it is designed properly. They are indirect restoration which means they need to be made in a dental lab, after an impression is taken and sent to the lab. While bridge is being made which takes about 7-10 days, patient will have a temporary bridge in his mouth. There are some critical factors in choosing dental bridge over other options for replacing missing teeth, like dental implant or partial dentures which need to be considered by your dentist before starting any dental bridge.

Like all the restoration in the mouth crowns and bridges need t be kept clean daily and regular check up and professional cleaning extend their life span.

Depending on expected chewing force on a bridge which needs to be calculated precisely bridges can be made from Zirconia, Metal or combination of Metal and porcelain.


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