Sealant (Decay Prevention)


All posterior natural teeth on their chewing surface have deep anatomical fissures and grooves, these grooves are susceptible to decay when food particles trap inside them resulting tooth cavity. Even with good brushing technique these grooves can not be kept completely clean and there will be some remaining micro residue of food particles which can cause tooth decay.

Sealant is a resin that flows and fills the fissures and grooves and when it is hardened with the special light, prevents food from being pushed in- to the grooves. Sealant makes it easier to keep the chewing surface of the teeth completely clean and is very effective in preventive dentistry.

Usually sealant is used in early ages when the brushing is not ideal. The best time for using sealant is as soon as the chewing surface of a permanent tooth being exposed to the mouth which is as early as 5 to 6 years old when a child’s first molar erupts and there is absolutely no decay inside the grooves.

Resins are a very effective way in preventive dentistry to protect the chewing surface of the teeth from tooth decay.


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