Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth or 3rd molars are the last teeth which erupt in an adult, they usually start erupting at the age of 18 unless they are congenitally missing or trapped under the bone or  adjacent tooth. Most of the time we hear the question " should I remove my wisdom teeth ?"                                                                                                     Bellow, we explain the different scenario which may apply to you.

Erupted wisdom teeth:

If there is enough room in the jaw bone to accommodate the wisdom teeth in a correct position, in relation to the opposing and adjacent teeth and patient can keep them clean they can be left  in the mouth and be monitored regularly for possible gum infection in the future. Otherwise  due to limited access to reach them for proper brushing and flossing, usually they decay or cause gingivitis or gum infection in the area, in such case it is advised  to be removed, to keep the gum healthy and prevent gum problem or decay on the adjacent teeth. 


Impacted wisdom teeth:

Sometimes there is not enough room in the jaw for wisdom teeth to erupt, or the angel of their eruption is not correct and they get trapped under the adjacent tooth or in the bone, in these cases it is recommended to remove them as soon as possible in early adulthood to prevent form possibility of cyst formation around them or causing damage to the adjacent tooth. 

Removing the wisdom teeth need to be performed by a dentist who has experience to reduce the risk of possible complications. 

After the surgery, patient need to take the prescribed medication and follow the instructions truly to reduce the risk of post surgery infection or complications. Usually patient can go to work the next day.  


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Why Should I have my Wisdom Teeth Removed?
The removal of wisdom teeth in Coquitlam is described as the most well known type of oral surgery for many reasons, such as:

Treating or repairing serious conditions that affect your teeth, lips, jaw, palate, or even face

Treating problems due to disruptions brought about by wisdom teeth in the form of infections, facial pain. 

Complete restoration of the maxillofacial region that could have been presented  due to wisdom teeth. 

Before diagnosing your wisdom teeth in Coquitlam, we look for swollen gums and signs of infection such as redness, tenderness, and drainage.

What You Should Expect After Your Oral Surgery

Once your wisdom teeth have been removed, you will face discomfort, minor bleeding, possible bruising, and swelling. All these symptoms are a natural part of the healing process. Depending on your condition, you might be given a few pain killers for pain relief. Make sure to take them exactly as prescribed by your dentists. 

It may take anywhere from seven to ten days to heal, but it is not uncommon for the healing procedure to take up to a week  three weeks. You will need to properly follow the after surgery instructions to minimize the chances of getting painful dry sockets.


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