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  Treatment Options, if I have lost all of my teeth?


In case you have lost all of your teeth, there are 3 treatment options available:   

* Bridge attached to implants.

* Over-denture attached to implants.

* Conventional removable denture.                                                       


Let’s begin with the best option:

1. Bridge attached to dental implants:

It is fixed not removable, it is stable, it is the best aesthetic solution that also keeps the bone healthy preventing bone loss and finally generates a high level of satisfaction in patients since it is very comfortable when eating and talking and restores the self confidence dramatically.

Treatment step by step?

Every successful treatment starts with thorough examination, good treatment- planning and patient compliance. At first we schedule you for a complete exam and X-rays when we have all necessary information Dr. Rahgozar will discuss about the treatment options. Then we schedule you in one of our dental implant surgery facility in Downtown Vancouver or Coquitlam Implant Center to perform your implant surgery by Dr. Rahgozar who is an expert in dental implant surgery and prosthetic over the implants.( Dr. Rahgozar has been performing dental implants surgery and restoring them for over the last 20 years.)

After dental implants surgery is performed, we will have to wait 3-4 months for the implant to integrate (bond) with the surrounding bone. After the healing period, fabrication of the bridge starts and bridge will be installed on the implants. Patient home care, oral hygiene, General health and regular maintenance and check up of the implants by a dentist (every 6-8 months) are important for long term life and success of all dental implants.


2. Denture attached to implants (Over-denture)


In this treatment, depending on the available bone in the implant suite and age of the patient and chewing force, at least 2 to 4 implants are needed to be installed surgically. The removable over-denture can be supported by balls or bar system, which will be attached to the implants after 3-4 months of healing period in our coquitlam denture or Vancouver denture center. Due to the removable nature of the over-dentures supported by implant the level of satisfaction and comfort would be less than fix bridge but this option is more cost effective than fix bridge. please be advised that in removable options there are some plastic parts which needs to be replaced periodically (You can ask Dr. Rahgozar for more detail at your visit)


3. Removable Denture

This is the classic conventional denture that should be removed every night.

 It is the cheapest solution for replacing entire missing dentition. The level of comfort and patient satisfaction generally is less than the other options and depends on patients expectation (Cost wise) and adaptation level of the patient to the removable denture.

At Ace Dental, Coquitlam Denture, we have our in-house dental-lab which fabricates all kind of removable dentures under direct supervision of Dr. Rahgozar for only our valued clients at Ace Dental.  

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