Dental Exams and Treatment Planing

 Regular dental exams are essential in dentistry to ensure diagnosis of any problem which may prevent a patient from reaching the optimum oral health.


Complete Dental Exam: Diagnose of any abnormality in the mouth from tooth decay, gum infection, Bad bite, oral habits like grinding and TMJ problems all can be discovered in a complete dental exam. Base on the clinical findings from the complete exam Dr. Rahgozar will suggest the optimum possible treatment for each individual which is available in todays modern dentistry, while involving patient’s opinions and considering patients concerns in a two-way conversation Dr. Rahgozar will Taylor an individualized treatment plan which will be the road map to the ideal treatment, the patient needs.

Considering complexity and priority of the treatments and other factors like possible financial limits of each individual a comprehensive treatment plan will be shaped in the first appointment. To have a complete dental exam we require to have new full mouth x-Rays of all existing teeth.

Recall Exams: Recall exams are performed to follow up and monitor the current condition of the oral health, depending on each individual the recall exams may need to be perform every 3-6 months. For recall exam you may need to have some X-Rays to compare with previous X-Rays and monitor the treatment progress.

Specific Exam: In the specific exam our focus is on the individual tooth which is a patient’s concern. In this exam patient may need to have some X-rays to find out the possible cause of the concern. 

Study Models: Study models are the mold of the patient’s teeth which will be made to diagnose the relation between the teeth, Mostly required for orthodontic treatments.


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