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Vancouver Dental Implants - Replace Missing Teeth

Dental implants are an effective and permanent solution for missing teeth. 

“ We are what we eat

Teeth and general health

There is no need to emphasize the importance of a healthy life style and eating healthy food , But usually what is sometimes forgotten is the importance of the digestion of what we eat.                                                                                           

Proper food digestion starts with chewing (breaking down) the food and mixing it with saliva in the mouth and making it ready for further digestion. To do so, teeth are our first toll we use to digest the food and have a healthy body throughout our life.

To keep our body and digestive system in optimum health we need to save our teeth throughout our life and this is what modern dentistry has to offer in achieving  and maintaining people’s general health.

The main goal of our practice is to try to save the teeth and restore them to their original function with restorative dentistry, root canal treatments, crowns and bridges , while keeping in mind the aesthetic of our patient’s smile and restoring their beautiful smile. But sometimes teeth are badly damaged or due to gum problems teeth can not be saved anymore. In such case regaining and restoring the function of missing tooth/teeth is the first priority to maintain the health of our digestive system and the body.

To replace the missing tooth /teeth dental implants are the optimum treatment and the first choice in modern dentistry in twenty first century. Our implant certified dentist at Ace Dental can provide valuable suggestion and recommendation for replacing your missing tooth/teeth based on your individual situation.  

Other benefits of implant can be categorized as :

- Replace one or more teeth without damaging adjacent teeth specially if teeth next to the missing tooth are healthy and don’t                  need any restoration.   

- Prevent future TMJ (Jaw joint) or bite problems.

- Improve self-esteem by restoring patient’s smile and comfort while eating or talking.

- Restore support for facial tissues.

- As a support for fix  bridge or denture.

Dental implants are designed to last for many years. An implant can only support a single tooth but when they are paired up they can support a bridge or even a denture.

Dental implants are consist of two parts: one is a Titanium component which functions as a root of a missing tooth ( embedded in the bone under the gum )   and the second part which is a superstructure (abutment) which emerges from the gum and supports a prosthesis which can be a crown , Bridge or a fix or removable Denture.  

The surgery and the subsequent rehabilitation is carried out by  our well trained and experienced dentist in implantology in our Downtown Vancouver Implant Center and our Coquitlam Implant location for achieving a remarkable improvement in the smile and masticatory (Chewing) capacity of our patient and finally delivering a better solution to replace a lost tooth/teeth and ultimately improving general health,  comfort and self-confidence of our patient. We can arrange your appointments for Dental implants in Vancouver or in Coquitlam.

What is the process and how long it takes to have a dental implant ?

The first thing we need to realize is that the proper dental implant treatment involves several appointments ( at least 4 steps ) over several months.

Step 1: At the first appointment the diagnosis will be made by the help of X-rays and diagnostic models to determine the quality and amount of the available bone and also the quality of the gum in the implant site. If the quality and quantity of the available bone is not enough to support an implant other procedures may be required like Bone graft and Sinus lift to create more bone volume to support the implant. Most commonly if there is enough bone to support the implant there will be three more steps to have a successful dental implant.

Step 2: On the day of the surgery area is anesthetized and the implant/s will be surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw. After the surgery depending on many factors like, quality of the bone surrounding the implant and the amount of the expected chewing force on the implant in the future; Dr. Rahgozar may suggest 3 to 4 months healing period for the bone to grow and embrace the implant properly and integrate with the implant's body. Please keep in mind that in the long term, this healing period is essential for implant survival.

Step 3: After bone-healing period a second small surgery ( uncovering the implant ) may be required about 2 weeks before starting the prosthetic phase of the treatment .

Step 4: The last step is installing a structure on the implant ( abutment) which will support the final artificial natural-looking crown , Bridge or a denture. 

It is important to emphasize that like natural teeth ; Dental implants must be well maintained by the patient. A good oral hygiene ,staying- healthy , eating and chewing habits( like grinding ) and of course, a periodic visits to the dentist to maintain the optimum health of the gum around the implant will extend the long-life of the dental implant.


Whether you’ve had a tooth extracted by an emergency dentist in Vancouver or have several severely damaged teeth, we can help. Our skilled Vancouver dentists provide both single dental implants and implant-supported dentures or Bridges. 


Please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment in one of our convenient locations to discuses your individualized dental implant treatment options in more details directly with Dr. Rahgozar.

Ace Dental – Dental Implants

The number of dental implants needed for full mouth rehabilitation depends on the patient’s available bone chewing habits and chewing force. Your dentist will evaluate the size of your jaw and the bone density present before making any decisions. As is the nature of dental issues, significant bone loss usually follows tooth loss. When teeth fall out, the surrounding bone starts ‘dissolving’ back into the body in a process known as bone resorption.

Depending on the extent of bone damage to your teeth, you might require bone grafts. Dental implants will be installed after the new bone integrates into your jaw. The healing process takes anywhere from  to 3 to 6 months. 

Do You Want Full Mouth Dental Implants in Vancouver?

Scheduling a consultation at Ace Dental is a great place to start. Our dentists will thoroughly evaluate your oral health to determine if you can actually benefit from this procedure. In some cases, you might require a bone graft. But sometimes  if you receive dental implant services in Vancouver immediately after tooth loss, you can avoid massive bone grafting.

With several years of experience and  hundreds of patients treated, we are the leading dental implant experts with a high success rate. Get scheduled today!

Visit our office for a consultation on treatment options with dental implants.   

Dental Implants Vancouver

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