Bone Graft

Bone graft is a term in dental surgery which  refers to a procedure, an oral surgeon performs to correct a bone defect or bone deficiency in the jaw by create new bone.Specially for implants surgery, bone volume is critical for implant success. If there is a bone defect, surgeon needs to create bone before implant surgery.

The source of the bone graft material ( donor ) in dentistry could be one of the bellow:

- The same patient ( autogenous graft )

- Tissue bank ( allogenous graft )

-Synthetic  material


A few months after the graft surgery, when bone remodels and matures, all the graft materials will be replaced by patient's own bone.


Please call our office to have a consultation, with Dr. Rahgozar to find out if you need a bone graft before having a dental implant and discuss your best available treatment options.

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