Oral Surgery

At Ace Dental we provide wide range of oral surgeries in our facilities.

Bellow is the list of our services:

- Dental Implant Surgery,

- Bone grafts,

-Sinus graft, ( Sinus lift ) 

- Periodontal surgery, 

- Pocket reduction surgeries, 

- Gum grafts,

- Endodontic surgeries, ( Apicoectomy or Root surgery )

- Wisdom teeth removal,

 Ace Dental – Oral Surgery 

At Ace Dental, we  have vast experience in all things regarding oral surgery. Led by experienced dentist Dr. Rahgozar, our skilled dental team can handle complicated procedures from complicated wisdom teeth extraction to implant surgeries. Our goal is to help you get a healthy, beautiful smile that is free of pain and discomfort.

To get oral surgery of any kind, you have to first be eligible. There are basic requirements that guarantee the success of oral surgery in Vancouver. Our dentists will thoroughly consider them before going ahead with the procedure. 
Comfortable Oral Surgery 

At Ace Dental, our goal is to provide you with comfortable oral surgery in Vancouver. We have a compassionate team that is paired with the latest state-of-the-art technology, allowing most oral surgery procedures to be performed efficiently in our offices 

Before recommending a treatment, we need a complete picture of your general health, which includes any medications you might be taking or conditions that require a special approach. We do this to ensure you are always at ease. 

If you require oral surgery in Vancouver, Ace Dental is here to help! Our experienced team has the necessary skills to perform efficient procedures with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Give us a call today!


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